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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

100 Percent Traffic - New mailer feature. Really cool!

Now 100 Percent Traffic has "The ReMailer"! He is a "bot" and his job is to get your email clicked!

Here is how "The ReMailer" gets you more clicks on your emails:
1. You send your email using the same process as you always have.
2. While you are doing other things to grow your business, "The ReMailer" is watching your email.
3. If your email has not gotten a 10% click through rate after a week, then "The ReMailer" jumps into action!
4. "The ReMailer" will resend your email to any member who didn't click on it the first time, giving them a second chance to visit your website and earn their credits.
5. That means more clicks for your email!

"The ReMailer" is going to be a busy "bot" because he is also responsible for doing the same thing at SplashPageSurfer, TopTierMailer, and 100 Percent Mailer! Soon he can even handle the new credit mailer coming to TopTierTraffic!

So now if your email doesn't get seen the first time around, then ... "IT WILL BE BACK!"

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